An American Anthem to Life+Table

Nationally acclaimed Chef RJ Cooper’s free-spirited wandering on his motorcycle to various farmers and producers around the Mid-Atlantic region inspires the name of this restaurant.  With his motorcycle license plate “BRAISE,” he is seeking out good fortune in the bounty and thoughtfulness of American farming, and bringing this centuries-old craft into the spotlight at ~Gypsy Soul~.

This goes beyond farm-to-table. It is about the gathering of people and how each of us in this great community is connected by a common thread when we dine together. It is the conversation of food with guests and the love affair with it. The menu features American fare both classic and contemporary, strong in flavor.

Talented Cheftender Bryan Tetorakis from Rogue 24 designed the entire beverage repertoire. From local spirits sourced around the Mid-Atlantic and South to wines and cans of beer, there is a libation for all to imbibe on while enjoying Chef’s cuisine.

Inspired by his life with wife Judy and twins Ava and Bridgette, Chef created a space that is amusing and cozy. A neighborhood feel laced with Southern rock, countryside, big city, and great music intertwined with bits of his native Detroit.


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